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Name: Tanya

Age: 9

Fave Colour: Blue, orange, black

Hobies: Tennis, piano, play computer

Dreams: To have a happy life and be happy.

Likes: Anime, pokemon, happiness, friendship, drawing, art

Dislikes: Bad people

Location: Australia

Born on November 26th 1998.

Fave food: Chocolate, raspberry twists, mango

Fave stuff: Toys, computer and other gadgets.

Fave animal: Cat, seal, seahorse, bunny

Misses: Audrey(My best friend who moved to Indonesia), Nina (My best friend who moved school and moved house).

Sports: Tennis, swimming, badminton.

My best friends: Alicia, Audrey, Nina, Romi

My friends: Alicia, Audrey, Nina, Romi, Katie, Halina, Anna, Emma, Kelly, Lien, Fenn, Fan, Kylah, Faith, Nikita, Yen Ting, Larissa, Elysa, Janna, Deserril, Georgina, and Adelynn.

Occupation: Student

Fave show: Pokemon

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